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Commercial Property

Confronting environmental issues is an integral part of owning commercial property today. Often, property values are lowered by detrimental environmental conditions. These conditions can change a property’s value by thousands, even millions, of dollars.

Simmons provides property owners and buyers with cost-effective solutions tailored to meet their needs. You receive an assessment detailing potential risk factors and a solution so you can move forward in selling or buying while preserving your property’s value.

Simmons’ commercial services include:

Environmental Site (ESA)/Risk Assessments (ERA)

  • Phase I, II and III ESA for real estate & business transactions
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Subsurface Investigations

Remedial Design & Remedial Action

  • Air stripping & soil vapor extraction
  • Contaminated soil excavation, transport and disposal
  • Groundwater remediation

Petroleum Tank Closure & Management

  • UST (underground storage tank) removal
  • UST compliance
site assesment
risk assesment
site remediation
hazardous waste
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